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MECAVAP, French manufacturer of high-end mechanical mods, designed from noble materials

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Together, we can create a mech mod that looks like you, a unique and personalized piece, just for you.
From the shape of your tube, to the materials, including the engraving, we help you create your mechanical mod.

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Check out our mech 21700 mods

You’ve been asking for mecha 21700 mods for a while, they’re coming to our site.
As a bonus, we have developed a battery adapter allowing our 21700 mech mods to also accommodate 18650 batteries.

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MECAVAP is above all the desire to offer high-end, reliable, easy-to-use, secure and attractive mechanical mods.

Our meca mods are French, designed to last and for optimal vape comfort. We work daily to develop products that are elegant in their aesthetics and ergonomic.

Whether aluminum, titanium or stainless steel, we select the best possible materials for our mechanical mods in order to guarantee products of impeccable quality.

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