The choice is not lacking in the world of mechs, there is clearly something for all tastes and at different prices. We will explain to you in this article why you should choose to buy a Mecavap meca mod and what the differences are with other modders around the world.

Why buy a mech tube when you can buy an electronic cigarette?

In the era of disposable pods flooding shops and consumers, we would be tempted to say that our vape (and our planet) is a bit hurt. So yes, there is something for everyone, especially for neo-vapers who are new to vaping with the aim of quitting smoking, but at Mecavap we are quite convinced that there is a happy medium to be respected.

The Mecavap meca mod, the long-term choice

Basically, one of the main advantages of the meca mod is not to take any electronic component with it and thus not to risk any breakdown. Confidence rests entirely in the mechanical system which, except for the choice of poor quality materials, will never let you down and will allow you to have a product that will last in the long term.

At Mecavap, we are particularly rigorous on this point: we choose very high quality materials in order to guarantee you a tube that is not damaged (or very little) over time.

The choice of materials on our mechanical mods

We don’t compromise on the materials we use on our tubes. We always choose quality and a reasonable source.

We always select a high grade of the material we want to work with. For example, when many manufacturers select 304 stainless steel, we prefer to pay more and obtain 316L stainless steel, which is more resistant over time.

We are also able to provide material certificates proving the origin of our materials. We source these materials from geographical areas close to France in order to limit transport and participate in a more viable trade.

Mecavap, designed and designed entirely in France, in La Rochelle

From drawing the tube to machining it, it’s Arnaud, the modder of the team who does everything! Whether for the choice of materials or the ergonomics of the tube, Arnaud works with customer feedback to imagine an ever more ideal mechanical mod. Drawing, work on handling, analysis of conductivity, prototyping then production, Arnaud implements step by step the artisanal manufacture of Mecavap mods.

Turner A milling cutter by trade in the nautical sector, Arnaud today combines his trade and Mecavap. In 1 year, Mecavap has come a long way and will continue to do so in order to offer you ever more qualitative mecha mods made in France.

We must stop saying that the meca mod is dangerous!

A few accidents will have been enough to make the meca mod, the devil of the vape and a permanent danger. So yes, you have to be attentive, take precautions and master the tool, but you mustn’t forget that the vape we know today was born through the mechanics and that there weren’t any accidents galore.

Mecha vaping is not dangerous, any more than driving a car. It simply requires being careful when storing your tube, not tempting the devil in these vape settings (unless you like the risk but that’s something else), to be accompanied if you are a beginner and above all, to take care of his belongings, especially his charges.

In short, why choose Mecavap?

If we had to sum up why choosing a meca mod from Mecavap is already buying a quality product, both in terms of its materials and its machining. Buying Mecavap also means consuming French, trusting the quality of made in France and buying from a company that will always listen to you.

Beyond all that, it’s also making a choice of reason: you have to say no to disposable products and trust products that last over time.

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